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I am having a group run on Aug 6 in celebration of my forever 19yo daughter, Malia Raine, birthday…she would be 20yo this year so i am running her birthday miles in memory of her…my daughter Malia was the strongest individual i know….she had a wonderful soul that would extend to everyone she knew…i miss her so much and hope that some of you would join me on a 20mi (or as many mi as you want to do) memory walk/run starting at my home at 0530…i would love for someone to say a prayer and hold a moment of silence as the sun rises…i would like to say a few words about her too then start running….we will run from my house to around greenbelt and back to my house (4.1mi) then returning to greenbelt, do this 5x….15minish miles…i will have snacks and water at my house and have my home be the aid station….i hope y’all can join me! Gotta run!

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