Appalachian Backroads

The Commonwealths of Kentucky & Virginia share a rugged mountainous border of jagged peaks rising over 4135 feet into the horizon. Pine and Black Mountains create this phenomenal land mass through the Heart of Appalachia region and is where our Appalachian Backroads got its start enticing you to experience the curvy back roads that form these unique travel routes.

With 14 vetted routes, a total of over 1500 miles, you will traverse through valley and peak; forest land, rolling farms, through distinct towns and lots of curves. Many of the trails intertwine with rivers and streams that our early pioneer settlers followed hundreds of years ago. These backroads of Appalachia are like no others!

Museums, history, musicians, artisans and mountain folklore dwell in these peaks and valleys and continue the traditions that made this region the focus of many novels, documentaries and movies. The touring and travel is well suited (and chosen for) to motorcyclists, as well as sight-seeing vehicle visitors and avid experienced bicycling enthusiasts. And on our website, you’ll find even more side trails…check out Benge’s Revenge (it’s not for sissies)!

For the free Appalachia Backroads Motorcycle and Leisure Travel Map to our scenic, curvy back roads, please call or visit our website at  Explore the Appalachian Backroads… once you do, you’ll want to come back for more!


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