LOVEwork at the Country Cabin

The LOVEwork is very special, with each letter representing something different about Norton and the surrounding areas.

The ‘L’ being a boot, represents the dancing and music culture that has come out of this part of the state.

The ‘O’ represents our coal mining heritage, and also the fact that the Country Cabin II is built on reclaimed mining land. There is also a hidden gem on the coal miner’s bucket: the initials BJ. This stands for Bill Jones, the co-writer of the Ralph Stanley II song ‘Daddy’s Dinner Bucket’. He has been a long time member of the Country Cabin.

The ‘V’ is a quilt, another craft that has helped define our area.

And the ‘E’ is encouraging everyone to come visit our remarkable area and music venue.


Visitors are encouraged to take photos with the LOVEworks and share with loved ones on Facebook at or on Twitter with the special hashtag #LOVEVA. A complete list of the LOVEwork locations is at



6034 Kent Junction Rd, Norton, VA 24273