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The Velveteen Rabbit is a story loved by children of all ages. As the Velveteen Rabbit dreams of becoming a real live rabbit, the wise old Skin Horse tells him he will only become real “when a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but really loves you.” This moving and joyful production, based on the Margery Williams book, has been adapted for the stage by Catherine Bush.

The Barter Players are a group of professional artists who perform world-class theatre for young people. They believe in theatre that awakens the imaginations of the most exciting, most participatory audience in the world: kids. Barter Player performances focus on what brings out bravery in all of us, and shows never talk down to the audience. Because of their fierce theatricality, no-holds-barred acting, and faithfulness to the best stories ever written, they have a following among both children and adults alike (it’s not unusual to have an adult ‘admit’ that they come even without a kid.) The child in all of us deserves wild adventure, incredible story, and the excitement of live theatre so close you can reach out and touch it.

The Barter Players perform at Barter Theatre in Abingdon April through December. Then, during February and March, The Players go on tour, performing at schools all over the Eastern seaboard. Barter Players also tour around the nation every October through December.

The Players meet the audience before the shows, and often after the shows as well, and love building friendships with the people who come. Bring a young person you love to the theatre or catch them on tour- they’ll surprise you!

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