Norton City Park

This park features a gazebo which is (available on first [...]

Norton City Park2021-11-26T01:45:07-06:00

Red Fox Trail

This 1.5 mile historical trail is an interpretive hike back [...]

Red Fox Trail2021-11-26T01:44:24-06:00

Lake Keokee

This 92 Acre lake, surrounded by a lovely wooded area, [...]

Lake Keokee2021-11-26T01:44:21-06:00

Legion Park

Formerly, the home of the American Legion Hall, and located [...]

Legion Park2021-11-26T01:44:16-06:00

Norton Reservoir

Norton's Upper Reservoir/Lower Reservoir is locatedĀ four miles from the city's [...]

Norton Reservoir2021-11-26T01:33:50-06:00

Big Cherry Lake

Enjoy kayaking, fishing andĀ hiking at this beautiful mountain lake amidst [...]

Big Cherry Lake2021-11-26T01:33:42-06:00

Bullitt Park

A wide variety of recreational facilities are available at Bullitt [...]

Bullitt Park2021-11-26T01:33:30-06:00

Laurel Fork Trail

Primitive atmosphere for camping and picnicking. Accessible by boat or [...]

Laurel Fork Trail2021-11-26T01:33:27-06:00

Appalachia Loop Trail

Challenging four mile run or pleasant excursion to Little Stone [...]

Appalachia Loop Trail2021-11-26T01:33:27-06:00

Camp Bethel

Camp Bethel is a Christian centered camping experience. Retreats and [...]

Camp Bethel2021-11-26T01:33:23-06:00

Sugar Hill Loop Trail

This well-maintained hiking and biking trail extends around and over [...]

Sugar Hill Loop Trail2021-11-26T01:33:14-06:00

Chief Benge Trail

18.7 mile trail for seasoned hikers through beautiful Jefferson National [...]

Chief Benge Trail2021-11-26T01:33:08-06:00

Counts Cabin Trail

The Counts Cabin trail, located in Dickenson County's portion of [...]

Counts Cabin Trail2021-11-26T01:22:10-06:00

Oxbow Lake Park

Oxbow Lake Park is a city-owned park that includes a [...]

Oxbow Lake Park2021-11-26T01:14:44-06:00

Pine Mountain Trail

Serious hikers or horseback riders will love this scenic trail [...]

Pine Mountain Trail2021-11-26T01:14:39-06:00
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